1. Fill in my Contact form

After receiving your email ( and doing a quick happy dance ) - I will send you my design packages with a basic questionnaire to be filled in, to send you a personal quote in the particular service you are interested. 

2. Booking

Hopefully, we are a match made in heaven, and I can continue to put together a formal timeline for our project together and send it your way. The schedule will include the entire process from start to finish and when you can expect your designs, mockups, final files, etc. In this schedule, I will also give you specific times for your ‘due homework’ (questionnaires, Pinterest board, branding details, etc.) If everything prepared is approved by you, please sign, scan, and send the proposal back to me and keep a copy for yourself. ( To book your place in the queue, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required with your signed proposal. )

3. Client Pre-work/Homework

Once we have secured your spot in my schedule, there is a typically wait time between this step and the next. I will now send you the full branding questionnaire to complete. I know this can be a huge challenge for some of you to dig really deep into your core brand vision, but this is without any doubt the most crucial step in the process of designing your brand investment.  I also ask you to create a secret Pinterest board for me, full of branding inspiration (colours, patterns, outfits, interiors, etc.) In the pin description, please add a brief note/ description on why you chose that particular image. You will have time until the start date to complete your questionnaire and Pinterest mood board and send it back to me.

4. Designing begins.

I will use your questionnaire and Pinterest board to get started. Studying your homework will allow me to put together your color palette and an inspiration board to make sure I am heading in the right direction. Once approved I will send your first logo variations (according to schedule) to review with the chance to perfect up to 3 times to make sure you love it. Once the logo is final, I will put together your full branding board with your secondary logo or sub mark, recommended fonts, etc.

5. Printing and production

Once you have given approval on the final designs, I require the balance of the invoice to be paid before releasing final designs. I will send over a convenient Dropbox link with all your branding and print files. I will then deliver your files in print ready pdf form, or you can choose to have Laugh in Flowers manage your print process. If print - this process can take up to 9 working days, depending on the amount of production after printing. Laugh in Flowers do not add any profit to printing fee's, but do have a once off  admin fee of R100.

6. Collection of printed designs

We will contact you to arrange collection of your designs.

My Pricing Structure


Designing Fee

A once-off fee for the design- This fee varies depending on the amount of work.

Printing - If Laugh in Flowers manage your printing.

This Price includes the printing and paper and is charged by the unit. Price will depend on size, finishing & quantities ordered.
Laugh in Flowers makes use of great quality printing services based in Cape Town. I will add no profit on printing but a R100 admin fee.


There might be an extra production fee if there is any extra production work required for your product such as folding, binding, etc.


If a delivery fee is applicable, it will depend on your location.


The Payment timeline


To book your place in the queue a 50 % non-refundable deposit is required. I then require the balance of the invoice to be paid before releasing final designs.