Hi, I am Maretha Brink an online entrepreneur from South Africa. 

I am thrilled to be running my own business and find so much joy in what I do. Laugh in Flowers specialise in classic, minimal Branding, web and print designs for girl bosses like yourself. Laugh in Flowers is also a place where I can let my creativity flow and meet amazing new girl bosses. Starting off with a new business can seem very overwhelming and confusing - But, I will ensure that you receive everything you need for your brand. My aim is for you to feel completely confident promoting your brand, knowing that your image truly reflects the quality of your service.  Art runs in our family, and I've loved art and design for as long as I can remember and therefore, spent most of my days designing.

If I am not busy designing or writing, I'm either binge watching tv shows with my dog, Chappie, spending some quality time on Pinterest and blogs, Or enjoying a fresh cup of coffee with my boyfriend, friends or family. I pride myself in working closely with my clients to create exactly what they want. Allow me to find fresh ways to bring your business personality, or message to the light. Kindly make sure that my designing style fits your needs.


22 Fun facts about me

1. I'm an extreme dog, person. | 2. I love dough more than the actual cookies. | 3. Tv series and reality shows for days. | 4. Frozen yoghurt, please! | 5. I can twitch my nose. | 6. I forgive too easily. |  7. Have the best boyfriend on planet earth. | 8. Have an anxiety disorder. | 9. Has never been drunk or tipsy. | 10. I don't like swimming. | 11. I love sour things. | 12. I love little kids/babies. | 13. Can't stand the noise of a vacuum cleaner. | 14. blessed with exquisite senses. | 15. I am afraid of being alone. 16. I make a list of everything. | 17. If it involves coffee, I'm in. | 18. I wish animals could talk. | 19. I love lights. | 20. Loud noises make me anxious. |  21. I need Wifi in my life. | 22. You don't want to wake me.

Lots of love
Maretha Brink